Perfetto healthy be perfetto!

From the rich fields of golden wheat, we offer you Perfetto. We have prepared it from premium semolina wheat that is embellished a unique golden color. Perfetto is considered a labor of love for Basamh Industrial Company; with a long and rich history that spans over generations. Established in 2010, Perfetto quickly became a family favorite across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its release Perfetto has risen to a great prominence in the pasta industry, achieving record sales and producing over 25 different shapes and cuts of pasta.  With Perfetto indulge in the taste of authentic Italian meals with a wide selection of high-quality pasta. Our mission is to provide you with pasta of international standards by using fresh ingredients, golden durum wheat from rich fields and the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Quality ingredients and manufacturing are the cornerstones of Perfetto. To ensure that the quality of the pasta is always maintained, Perfetto supplies their pasta in a double-layered package.



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